W208PPB10 Agricultural Heavy Duty Bearing, Round Bore 1 1/2" Bore Bearings

SKU: W208PPB10
Item: W208PPB10 Agricultural
Type: Agricultural Bearing
Shaft Size: 1.500"nch
Inner Diameter: 1 1/2" Inch
Outer Diameter:3.14" inch
W208PPB10 Agriculture Heavy Duty Disc Harrow Bearing Round Bore 1 1/2"
Two Triple Lip Seals

W208PPB10 Agricultural heavy duty disc harrow bearing. Bearing has triple lip seals to protect from corrosive environments. This seal is a one piece shroud cover with three molded contact seals. Standard re lubrication feature is drilled hole in groove.

  • Item: W208PPB10 Special Agricultural Bearing
  • Type: Agricultural Bearing
  • A : 1 1/2" Round inch
  • B: 3.14" Curved Re-Lube
  • C: 1.68" inch
  • D: 0.82"inch
  • Quantity: One Bearing