SWUS-M8 NBK Hex Lock Nuts Made in Japan

Hex Lock Nuts
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NBK - Made in Japan
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SWUS-M8 NBK Hex Lock Nuts Made in Japan

  • Nuts equipped with a high-performance mechanism of loosening prevention. Prevent loosening caused by vibration.
  • Friction ring with very good restoration elasticity and heat resistance tighten the thread peak of the male thread from four sides. Effective for loosening prevention. The male thread is not damaged.
  • Glass fiber reinforced polyamide is used for the friction ring. Rings with heat resistance effectively prevent loosening under conditions up to 110 ?√∏C.
  • In addition, they are not affected by gasoline, alcohol, and oil.
  • The friction ring retains most of its effects even after repeated use.

Part Number M B C(Approx.) T Qty per Pack
SWUS-M8-NBK 8mm 13mm 15mm 8mm 20