SWS-6-S NBK Seal washer - Rubber Packing Silicone rubber NBK Washers Pack of 10 Washers Made in Japan

Item: SWS-6-S
Seal washer - Stainless Steel
Quantity : Pack of 10 Washers
NBK - Made in Japan
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SWS-6-S NBK Seal washer - Stainless Steel
Pack of 10 Washers
NBK - Made in Japan

  • SWS-S uses silicone rubber for the rubber packing. Features outstanding heat and cold resistance and electrical insulation.
  • Main body is made of stainless steel SUS304
  • Seal washer incorporating rubber packing in a stainless steel washer
  • Prevents air/liquid leakage from the seating surface of the screw head.
  • During screw tightening, the rubber bonds with the screw thread to make the seal rather than slipping out of place.
  • Allowable Operating Temperature 180?√∏C

Part Number Nomina d D h t t1 c Qty per Pack
SWS-6-S-NBK 6mm 6.2mm 11.5mm 1mm 2.9mm 2.5mm 9.6mm 10