SPE-M5-15-H 15mm Plastic Hex Head PEEK Screws - Pack of 10

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Item: SPE-M5-15-H
Main Body: PEEK
Length : 15mm
Quantity: 10 screws

SPE-M5-15-H NBK Plastic Screw - Hex Head Screws
PEEK Polyetheretherketone 180ƒ?Ÿ
Pack of 10 Screws
NBK - Made in Japan

  • PEEK is a thermoplastic super-engineering plastic with excellent physical and chemical properties.
  • These screws have excellent chemical resistance. They are mostly unaffected by chemicals excluding concentrate sulfuric acid, concentrate nitric acid, and concentrate hydrofluoric acid.
  • These screws have excellent heat resistance, water resistance, and high heat resistance strength.
  • These screws have excellent abrasion, shock, and fatigue resistance.
  • They have high in combustibility that meets V-0 of UL 94.
  • The properties and precautions of plastic screws

Part Number M L D1 L1 L2 Tension Rupture Load(N) Torsional Torque(N.m) Qty /pack
SPE-M5-15-H-NBK M5 15mm 8mm 3.5mm Full Thread 1230 N 1.28 Nm 10