SPA-M8-20-H RENY Hex Head Screws Plastic - NBK made in Japa

Item: SPA-M8-20-H
Main Body: PEEK/Light Brown
Length : 20mm
The maximum operating temperature of the product changes with performance conditions such as tightening torque.
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Pack of 10 SPA-M8-20-H RENY Hex Head Plastic Screw
Made in Japan

Main body: RENY(50% Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide MXD6)/Ivory
  • RENY is a thermoplastic super-engineering plastic with excellent tensile and flexural strength
  • Pack of 10

  • Part Number M L B L1 L2 Tension Rupture Load (N) Torsional Torque (N)
    SPA-M8-20-H M8 20mm 13mm 5.5mm Full Thread 5100 N 7.85 N