SNSL-M5-6 NBK Socket Head Cap Screws - SUS316L- Pack of 5 Made in Japan

Item : SNSL-M5-6
Brand : NBK
Made in Japan
Quantity: 5 Screws
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SNSL-M5-6 NBK Socket Head Cap Screws - SUS316L-
Made in Japan
Pack of 5
Part Number M L D1 L1 B Quantity per Pack.
SNSL-M5-6-NBK M5 6MM 8.5MM 5MM 4MM 5

  • Main Body: SUS316L
  • Strength Class: A4-70
  • These screws have corrosion resistibility against chemical products and seawater environments that matches or exceeds SUS304.
  • Nonmagnetic.
  • SUS316L is a stainless steel made by adding Mo to SUS304, so it has high pitting corrosion and oxidation resistance. Due to its reduced carbon, it also has high intergranular corrosion resistibility.
  • High strength even under high temperatures because of basic components include Mo.
  • FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, aquatic applications, and general industrial machines