SNSL-M3-8-PN NBK Socket Head Cap Screws - SUS316L-Surface hardening Made in Japan

Item : SNSL-M3-8-PN
Brand : NBK
Made in Japan
Quantity: 1 Screw
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SNSL-M3-8-PN NBK Socket Head Cap Screws - SUS316L
Surface hardening
Made in Japan
Part Number M L D1 L1 B Quantity per Pack.
SNSL-M3-8-PN-NBK M3 8MM 5.5MM 3MM 2.5MM 1

  • Hardening the screw surface prevents screw seizing / sticking.
  • Unlike platings or coatings, there is nothing adhering to the surface, eliminating concerns about contamination due to stripping during tightening.
  • Suitable for preventing seizing and sticking in environments where lubricant cannot be used.
  • Seizing & Sticking Prevention
    FPD production devices / semiconductor production devices/
    food machinery / general industry machinery