SNSJ-M5-16 NBK Socket Head Cap Screws - SUS310S- Made in Japan

Item: SNSJ-M5-16 NBK
Hex Socket Head Cap Screw
Quantity per pack: One Screw
Made in Japan
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SNSJ-M5-16 NBK Socket Head Cap Screws - SUS310S
Made in Japan
One Screw

  • SUS310S has excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and nitric acid resistance compared to SUS304
  • Austenitic series stainless steel with high Ni content, which is effective for corrosion resistance and high temperature characteristics.
  • Main Body: SUS310S.

FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, nitric acid plants, and aquatic applications

Part Number M L D1 L1 B Tension Rupture Load(N)*1 Quantity Per Pack
SNSJ-M5-16-NBK M5 16mm 8.5mm 5mm 4mm 7380 N 1
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