SNSIV-M3-6 NBK Socket Head Cap Screw - Super Invar-Made in Japan

Item: SNSIV-M3-6 NBK
Socket Head Cap Screw Molybdenum
Quantity : One Screw
NBK Made in Japan
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SNSIV-M3-6 NBK Socket Head Cap Screw - Super Invar
Made in Japan
One Screw

  • Super Invar is a special alloy with an extremely low linear expansion coefficient, and its dimensions change very little due to temperature.
  • For measurement and precision instruments which do not allow changes in dimensions due to thermal expansion.
  • For Prevention from loosening and damage due to differences in thermal expansion.
  • Linear Expansion Coefficient:
    0.69x10-6(K-) (30 deg C - 100 deg C)

    Precision and measurement instruments

Part Number M L D1 L1 B Tension Rupture Load(N)*1 Quantity Per Pack
SNSIV-M3-6-NBK M3 6MM 5.5MM 3MM 2.5MM 2360 N 1
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