SNFT-M3-8 NBK Cross Recessed Flat Head Machine Vacuum Vented Screws - Titanium- Made in Japan

Item: SNFT-M3-6
Cross Recessed Flat Head Machine Screws - Titanium
Quantity per pack: One Screw
Made in Japan
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SNFT-M3-8 NBK Cross Recessed Flat Head Machine Screws - Titanium
Made in Japan
One Screw

  • Excellent chemical and seawater resistance.
  • Specific gravity is approximately 60% of stainless steel.
  • Main Body: TW270(Grade 1 Titanium‚Äπ¬¨?
  • Nonmagnetic.
  • Titanium screws with special specifications such as ventilation holes, dimensions, shapes, cleanroom washing, and special packaging are available.Please contact our customer service.
  • Chemical polishing and brightening processing improve the screw surface. Furthermore, the screws are cleanroom washed, cleanroom packed, and comply with clean specifications that require no oil or foreign matter deposits.

Lightweight applications in automobiles, aircrafts, spacecrafts, and robotsFPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, electrical and electronicequipment, aquatic applications, and electrochemical plating

Physical property:
  • Specific Gravity: 4.51
  • Melting Point(∆í?≈∏): 1668
  • Thermal Conductivity(W/(m.K‚Äπ¬¨?‚Äπ¬¨?: 17.16
  • Linear Expansion Coefficient(K-1): 8.4x10-6
  • Electric Resistance(?¬¨??.m‚Äπ¬¨?: 0.55
  • Longitudinal Elastic Modulus(GPa): 106
  • Amplitude Permeability(?¬¨‚Äπ¬¨?: 1.0001(NonmagnetiC)

Part Number M L D1 L1 Tension Rupture Load(N)*1 Torsional Torque (N-m): 1 Quantity Per Pack
SNFT-M3-8-NBK M3 8MM 6MM 1.75MM 2360 N 1 N.M 1
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