SNFS-M4-6-SD NBK Cross Recessed Flat Head 6mm Screws. Made in Japan- Pack of 20

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Item: SNFS-M4-6-SD
Main Body: Steel
Made in Japan
Pack of 20 Screws
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SNFS-M4-6-SD NBK 6mm Plastic Cross Recessed
Flat Head Screws
Made of Japan
Pack of 20

  • Cross Recessed flat head machine screws with small head diameters. This makes it possible to reduce the spot facing diameters compared to standard flat head machine screws.
  • Since the head height is lower than that of standard flat head screws. Suitable for connecting thin plates.

Part Number M L D1 L1
SNFS-M4-6-SD M4 6MM 6MM 1.3MM