Pack of 100 2 inch Black Plastic Caster Wheel with Swivel Plate

Black Wheel 2″ Inch Swivel Plate Bearing
Load Weight: 75LBS
100 Casters

Pack of 100 Black Plastic Caster Wheel 2" Inch
Swivel Plate Caster with 75lb. Load Rating

Black Plastic Caster Wheel 2" Inch with Metal Plate for Chair. This black plastic twin wheel casters place more wheel surface on the floor and carpet pile, and move in opposite directions to minimize carpet fiber twisting. Perfect used on furniture, office chairs, printer stands and entertainment centers.

  • Item: 2" Inch Black Caster Bearing
  • Type: Swivel Plate Caster
  • Material: Nylon Rubber
  • Diameter: 2" Inch = 50mm
  • Load Weight: 75LBS
  • Metal plate 35x35x1.2mm
  • Metal Plate in inch 1.38"x1.38"x0.048" Inch
  • Length: 70mm
  • Quantity: 100 Casters