Pack of 10 SRFXS-M5-25 NBK Flat Head Screws with Hexalobular Socket with Pin Made in Japan

Item: SRFXS-M5-25
Flat Head Screw with Hexalobular Socket (with Pin)
Quantity per pack: 10 Screws
Made in Japan
5-7 days shipping
SRFXS-M5-25 NBK Flat Head Screw with Hexalobular Socket
Made in Japan
10 Screws

  • Flat Head Bolt with a Pin at the center of Hexalobular Socket: 1.
  • It cannot be mounted or removed by normal tools.
  • Use a dedicated wrench SRX for mounting and removing.
Machinery / Tools / Equipment / Devices disassembly prevention.

    Part Number M L D1 L1 Applicable wrench Hexalobular Socket No. Quantity Per Pack
    SRFXS-M5-25-NBK M5 25mm 10mm 2.8mm SRX-25 25 10