NSCS-17-15-C NBK Collar Clamping Type - Steel Ferrosoferric Oxide Film One Collar Made in Japan

Item: NSCS-17-15-C
Type : Set Collar - Clamping Type
Quantity : One Collar
NBK - Made in Japan
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NSCS-16-15-C NBK Set Collar - Clamping Type - Steel
with Hexagon Socket Bolt SS400 - Hex Socket Head Cap Screw-Black
Main body Black (Ferrosoferric Oxide Film S45C)
One Collar
NBK - Made in Japan

  • Clamping type set collar.
  • Installation and removing are easy. Moreover this does not scratch the shaft.
  • Optimal for machines and devices that are frequently mounted/removed, e.g. slide shaft.

Part Number d B D F M
NSCS-17-15-C-NBK 17mm 15mm 40mm 13mm
*Hex socket head cap screw is provided