NBK Made in Japan PAF-5-L-P Miniature Light Load Ball Plunger with Vibration Resistant Treatment

Item: PAF-5-L-P
Made in Japan
Material: Triiron Coating (black)
Quantity: One
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NBK Japan PAF-5-L-P
Light Load Miniature Ball Plunger
with Vibration resistant treatment

NBK Japan PAF-5-L-P Miniature light load Ball Plunger. PAF-5-L-P is with vibration resistant treatment. PAF-5L-P is a cost effective Ball Plunger

  • Body: triiron coating (black)
  • Stop Loosening: Nylon welding
  • Material: Steel
  • Simple Design
  • Made in Japan
  • Quantity: One

Part number M (course) S L D B Applicable Ball Button Load (N)
PAF-5-L-P M5 0.8mm 11mm 3mm 2.5mm BB-5 2.9/9.8