NBK Made in Japan BRUHN-8-N Hex Head Screw Type Ball Transfer Unit for Upward, Downward and Sideward Facing Applications

Item: BRUHN-8-N
Screw Type Ball Transfer unit
Main Body: Polyacetal/White
Main Ball: Polyacetal/White
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BRUHN-8-N Hexagon Head Screw type Ball Transfer Unit for upward, downward and side ward facing applications
Single Screw.

Part Number M L L1 s Db B d Withstand Load (N)
BRUHN-8-N 8mm 10mm 2.8mm 8.73mm 13mm 3mm 7

BRUHN-8-N is designed for FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, food production lines, and packaging lines. It has a drain hole and is suitable for food production lines and other applications that require cleaning. BRUHN-8-N can be installed or removed by using a open-ended spanner or ring spanner.