Made in Japan SLHS-M3-10-SD NBK Socket Head Cap Screws with Low & Small Head. Pack of 10

Item : SLHS-M3-10-SD
Quantity: 10 Screws
Brand : NBK
Made in Japan
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Made in Japan SLHS-M3-10 NBK
Socket Head Cap Screws with Low & Small Head
Pack of 10

    Reducing the size of equipment and devices
  • Socket head cap screws with small head diameters. Able to reduce the spot facing diameters compared to standard socket head cap screws.
  • SLHS-SD Main Body: SUSXM7
  • Strength Class: (S.S. grade: A2√جº‚Ä∞A2-50

Part Number M L D1 L1 B t L2 Max. Torque(N-m) Quantity Per Pack
SLHS-M3-10-SD-NBK M3 10mm 4.5mm 2mm 2mm 1.5mm Full Thread 0.6 N.m 10