IS-76 Ball Transfer Unit IS Type (Steel Body) IGUCHI made in Japan

SKU: IS-76
Item: IS-76
Brand: IGUCHI - Japan
Load Capacity : 450 kgf (4410 N)
Quantity: One
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IS-76 Ball Transfer Unit IGUCHI made in Japan
ISB ball transfer basic type. Machining main body can smoothly convey heavy loads, and can rotate while transferring.Machined ball transfers with exceptional endurance for heavy loads.Available in steel and stainless. Applications include refraction, curves, intersection, branches of conveyor systems, designed to convey heavy materials, changing direction of devices, also used for shearing, feeding and high damping machines.Point contact mechanism is robust and precise.The point contact mechanism of IS type ball transfer with less friction coefficient enables heavy cargo to move 360 degree easily.
  • Item: IS-76
  • Brand: IGUCHI
  • Material: Steel
  • Ball Size : √è‚Ć3" (76.2mm)
  • Load Capacity : 450 kgf (4410 N)
  • Body : SCM415
  • Large Ball : SUJ2
  • Small Balls : SUJ2
  • Cap : SPC
  • Made in Japan
  • Quantity: One