GW209PPB2 Agricultural Heavy Duty Bearing, Round Bore 1.771" Bore Bearings

Item: GW209PPB2 Heavy Duty Bearing, Round Bore 1.78" Bore Bearings
Type: Agricultural Bearing
Shaft Size: 1.771"nch
Inner Diameter: 1.771" Inch
Outer Diameter:3.365" inch
GW209PPB2 Agriculture Heavy Duty Disc Harrow Bearing
Two Triple Lip Seals

GW209PPB2 Agricultural heavy duty disc harrow bearing. Bearing has triple lip seals to protect from corrosive environments. This seal is a one piece shroud cover with three molded contact seals. Standard re lubrication feature is drilled hole in groove.

  • Item: GW209PPB2 Special Agricultural Bearing
  • Type: Agricultural Bearing
  • A: 1.771" Round inch
  • B: 3.346" Curved Re-Lube
  • C: 1.188" inch
  • D: 1.188"inch
  • Quantity: One Bearing