Gravity Conveyor Roller 1.5" Diameter 10" inch Long Stainless Steel

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  • Appearance: These rollers are silver and come with the following specifications:
    Shaft Diameter: 12mm (approximately 0.47 inches)
    Roller Diameter: 38mm (approximately 1.5 inches)
    Roller Length: 250mm (approximately 9.84 inches)
    Total Length: 300mm (approximately 11.81 inches)
  • Intended Use:
    These cylindrical conveyor rollers are designed for smooth movement along and beneath a conveyor belt. They are typically employed in various settings, including assembly lines, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, to facilitate the transportation of goods.
  • Key Benefits:
    Constructed with a stainless steel surface and equipped with galvanized end caps, these rollers offer resistance to rust, waterproof properties, a smooth and durable design. They come with integrated bearings and can be easily installed using a spring press-in method.
  • Operating Instructions:
    To optimize the functionality of these gravity rollers, insert them into a slightly inclined frame. This setup not only reduces the risk of goods getting damaged but also ensures their ability to withstand heavy loads.