6mm self lubricating Graphite Brass Linear Motion Bearing LM6UU

UPC: 00193019177136
Item: LM6UU Bearing
Type: Linear Motion Brass Self Lubricant Graphite Ball Bushing
Material: Brass
Size: 6mmx 12mmx 19mm
Quantity: One Bearing
Linear Self Lubricant Brass Ball Bushings
Item LM6UU
Works with 6mm Shafts

LM6UU Linear Motion Ball Bushing works with a 6mm Shafts, Size is 6mmx 12mmx 19mm, the inner Diameter is 6mm, the outer Diameter is 12mm and the Length is 19mm.Bearing has Built-in Rubber Seals
  • Item: LM6UU Bearing
  • Type: Brass self Lubricant Graphite Linear Motion Ball Bushing
  • Coefficient for Linear Expansion: 1.9x10-5/C
  • Size: 6mmx 12mmx 19mm
  • Quantity: One Bearing