65mm Workbench Caster Wheel 88 Pounds Thermoplastic Polymer Coreset of 4

Wheel Diameter= 65mm
Load Capacity=88 lb
Mounting Type= Top Plate
Tire= Polypropylene core and Polyurethane
65mm Caster Wheel 88 pounds Polypropylene core and Polyurethane Top Plate
  • Item Name= VXB28050WB
  • Workbench Caster Wheel
  • Wheel Diameter= 65mm
  • Wheel Width= 27mm
  • Hole distance= 69mm
  • Mounting Type= Top Plate
  • Top Plate Size= 89mm x 50mm
  • Mounting height= 75mm
  • Wheel Core= Polypropylene core (Thermoplastic Polymer)
  • Tire= Polyurethane
  • Temperature Range= -40 to 180 F

  • So you wanted to have a movable workbench, here is the solution, easily move your heavy workbench to any place in your shop. Heavy weight capability and Durability made the wheel casters like the VXB28050WB a must use, get your do it yourself object move around. The wheel diameter is 65mm or 2.559" inch in inches. The thickness of the wheel is 27mm or 1.063" inch. The Caster with the wheel from end to end is 100mm = 3.937" inch. Top Plate is the method of installing the caster to your equipment, here are the dimensions 89mm x 50mm with the holes distance of 69mm. Low drag was achieved by a Thermoplastic polymer core and Polyurethane tire spinning freely with a low friction ball bearing. the load capacity of each wheel is 88 lb. Temperature range is -40 to 180 F. Buy the VXB28050WB now, just add the quantity to basket and click on Checkout.