48 Bearing 624ZZ and 5 (2+3) 608ZZ

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UPC: 00193019048504

48 Bearings 624ZZ and 2 Bearing 608ZZ

Thanks to J-Dubs and his interest at reprap.org, we thank him for his participation suggesting VXB to make this kit, this kit has 48 Bearings 624ZZ and 2 Bearing 608ZZ.

You will get total of 50 bearings as follows:
* 48 Bearings 624ZZ (4mm x 13mm x 5mm)
* 2 Bearings 608ZZ (8mm x 22mm x 7mm)
* 3 Bearings 608ZZ Just in case you are building Wade's Geared Nema 17 Extruder, that is what J-Dubs said

Again... thank you J-Dubs :)

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