4-Balls Self Adhesive Caster Wheels Pack of 8

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SKU: 8-Mini-Caster-Wheels-Mini-self
UPC: 00193019345580

Self Adhesive Caster Wheels Mini Swivel Wheels 360 Degree Rotation Spinning (8pcs., Black)

* Set of 8 miniature swivel wheels constructed from durable stainless steel for reliable performance.
* Boasts a sleek, black design that will blend seamlessly with a variety of equipment and furniture.
* Equipped with 360-degree rotation capability, ensuring a full range of motion and smooth maneuverability.
* Sticky adhesive backing allows for easy installation on a variety of surfaces, without the need for any tools.
* Compact size, making it ideal for applications with limited space.
* Designed to support weight evenly, promoting enhanced stability and strength.
* The universal design of these wheels makes them compatible with a wide variety of applications, including moving furniture, small appliances, and other household items.
* Convenient and practical solution for adding mobility to your items, reducing the need for heavy lifting.
* Features a swivel top plate that allows for smooth and easy turning, increasing the efficiency of movement.
* Made from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring long-term use and durability.
* Each wheel is carefully engineered to reduce noise and vibration, providing a quiet operation.
* Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to their robust and weather-resistant design.