2mm Loose Ceramic Balls Al2O3 Alumina Oxide Bearing Balls

SKU: Kit11912
UPC: 00193019047590
Item: Loose Ball
Size: 2mm
Material: Ceramic
Quantity: One Ball

2mm Loose Ball Bearing
Ceramic Balls Al2O3 G10
Alumina Oxide
One Ball

Loose Ceramic Balls 2mm Al2O3 (Alumina Oxide), this is a popular size that could be used in many Bicycle, Balls are made of Ceramic Al2O3.

  • Item: Loose Ball
  • Size: 2mm
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Quantity: One Ball

VXB Category: Loose Ceramic Balls

Customer Reviews

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Kensington Expert Mouse Bearings

I have a Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball that I use with mt computer. It originally came with three 2mm ruby bearings that the Large Trackball rides against. (Bearings). During cleaning, I managed to loose one of the 2mm ruby bearings. I have tried replacements made from glass, acrylic, and stainless steel, and they wear out (flat spots form). I decided I needed ssomething that had the same or greater hardness as the rubies that came with the Trackball. I purchased 2mm Alumina Oxide 2mm balls, which have a hardness of 9, similar to the rubies, and so far they are working perfect. The manufacturer of the trackball does not sell replacement ruby 2mm ball bearings, and a new trackball costs around $100 USD. The 2mm Alumina Oxide balls are not showing any signs of wear. This is a good alternative if you should loose one of the OEM ruby ball bearings.

Rolf B.
You saved me over $400 !!

Our Photo lithography system has three metal flags with a 2mm ball in the end of each. The flags are used to define a precise reference distance between two surfaces. The balls are glued in and fell out of one of our flags. Replacement cost $450+ and several weeks of down time. I ordered 20 2mm balls and repaired the flags.