2 Ton Load Capacity SCSW8 Rigid 8" Inch Extra Heavy Duty Container Caster Wheel

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SCSW8 Rigid Caster
Load Capacity: 2Ton
Shipping Container Casters
Wheel Diameter: 8" Inch
Quantity: One Caster
6" Inch Caster Wheel 3307 pounds Fixed Cast iron polyurethane Top Plate
  • 2 Ton Load Capacity 8" Inch Extra Heavy Duty shipping Container Caster Wheel
  • Item: SCSW8-RIGID
  • Brand: VXB
  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • Bearing type: Precision double ball bearing
  • Load Capacity: 2Ton
  • Mounting:Fixed

  • Features:
    • Ideal, low-cost solution for container manufacture, repairing and moving for loading and unloading
    • These casters can convert shipping containers to an easy to move
    • Pulling and pushing of these containers can't be done by human, you can push and pull by forklifts or any heavy equipment that can handle the weight
    • Please make sure to keep extra chains connected tot he shipping containers to keep them safe during transportation
    • Economize storage space - allows containers to be maneuvered and parked away from the lifting facility

    Shipping Container Caster Wheels Skates Heavy Duty Twist Lock Mechanism.