10" Inch Extra Heavy Duty Caster Wheel 3307 pounds Swivel Cast iron polyurethane Top Plate

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Wheel Diameter= 10" Inch" inch=250mm
Load Capacity=3307 lb
Mounting Type= Top Plate
Mounting= Swivel
Tire= Cast iron polyurethane
10" Inch Caster Wheel 3307 pounds Swivel Cast iron polyurethane Top Plate
  • Item Name= VXB009C250BCPU
  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • Wheel Diameter= 250mm
  • Wheel Width= 75mm
  • Wheel Diameter= 10" Inch = 250mm
  • Overall Height= 320mm
  • Overall Height Inch= 12.598"
  • Mounting Type= Top Plate
  • Top Plate Size= 200mm x 153mm Top Plate: 14mm+housing: 10mm
  • Hole distance= 160mm x 90mm
  • Wheel Core= Cast iron polyurethane
  • Tire= Cast iron polyurethane
  • Bearing type= Precision double ball bearing
  • Load Capacity= 3307 lb
  • Mounting= Swivel
  • Temperature Range= -40 to 180 F

  • VXB009C250BCPU is a device comprising a wheel that's connected to the base of a huge object like a trailers, your home furniture, even your truck to transfer the item more quickly and readily. them.You need {Item Name} to have your office desk, equipment or even a machine to easily roll them around. The wheel diameter is 250mm or 9.843" inch in inches. The wheel has a width of 75mm=2.953" inch. Overall height of the wheel caster is 320mm = 12.598" inch. Top Plate is the method of installing the caster to your equipment, here are the dimensions 200mm x 153mm Top Plate: 14mm+housing: 10mm with the holes distance of 160mm x 90mm. Low drag was achieved by a Cast iron polyurethane core on a Cast iron polyurethane tire spinning freely with a Precision double ball bearing. Maximum load calpacity that should not be exceeded on each wheel, remember to add safety factor, when calculating the load capacity 3307 lb with a Swivel type. Environment temperature range is -40 to 180 F. Buy the VXB009C250BCPU now, just add the quantity to basket and click on Checkout.