XHW-27C-5-12 NBK Made In Japan Flexible Shaft CNC Coupling -Pack of One

SKU: XHW-27C-5-12-NBK
Item: SWA-10-12-2-AW
Flexible Shaft Coupling
Quantity : Pack of One Coupling
NBK - Made in Japan
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XHW-27C-5-12 NBK Surface-mount machine Flexible Shaft CNC Coupling
NBK - made in Japan
Pack Of One

  • This is a disk type flexible coupling.
  • High-torque specification with rated torque 1.5 times higher than conventional products.
  • This is the most appropriate for a servomotor with instantaneous max. torque of 350%.
  • The stainless steel disk allows eccentricity, and angular misalignment, and end-play.

Part Number A L E W F G M Screw Tightening Torque
(lbf in.)
XHW-27C-5-12-NBK 1.063mm 0.433mm 0.571mm 1.268mm 0.13mm 0.404mm M2.5 8.85

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