White Plastic Caster 1.25" Inch Nylon Caster wheel with Metal Plate Zinc Plating-Pack of 10

White Plastic Castor 1.25" Nylon Caster with Metal Plate Zinc Plating
Load Weight: 66.14LBS
Pack of 10

White Plastic Caster 1.25" Nylon Caster Wheel with Metal Plate Zinc Plating
Pack of 10

White nylon caster used of High Quality Nylon material, can delivers more smooth, quiet rolling and easy maneuverability without scuffing up your floors. Bearing is with a zinc-plated carbon steel square plate, this swivel caster safely supports up to 66.14 lbs plus.

  • Item: 1.25" Nylon Caster Bearing
  • Type: Furniture Caster
  • Material:Nylon Rubber
  • Diameter: 1.25" Inch = 31mm
  • Load Weight: 66.14LBS
  • Length: 40mm
  • Width: 13mm
  • Quantity: 10 Casters