Fidget Hand Spinner Toy with Center Ceramic Bearing, 3 outer red Bearings 42Q

UPC: 00193019001318
Fidget Hand Tri Spinner Toy
Fidget Hand Spinner Toy
Each Consists of: Frame, 1 center Ceramic Si3N4 Bearing, 2 Caps, 3 Outer red Bearings
Quality Silicon Nitride Center Ceramic Bearing

Fidget Hand Tri Spinner Toy with Center Ceramic Bearing
2 Caps & 3 Outer Red Bearings

Fidget Hand Spinner Stress Reducer Hand Tri-spinner Toy. It spins smoothly, quietly and FAST, with up to 120-second average spin times, depending on the power of spin you apply. Nothing can be better than this soothing, distracting toy for fidgeters!

  • Type: Tri -Spinner
  • Consists of: 1 center hybrid ceramic Bearing, 2 Caps, 3 Outer red Bearings
  • Quantity: One
  • Spinnersare the perfect toy distraction for fidgety folks!
  • Goodfor thousands of hours of smooth, high-performance spinning
  • Asoothing aid and effective tactile distraction for dealing with anxiety orstress, for those who have ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, for help quittingsmoking, and even for staying awake and alert on a long drive!
  • Clinicallystudies have shown that hand spinners improve cognitive thinking and aid inrelaxation
  • Thisperformance spinner is injection molded from strong, resilient ABS plastic
  • Thespinner gets its effortless glide from a high performance Si3N4 (SiliconNitride) hybrid ceramic center bearing capable of up to 3-minute spins
  • The3 outer bearings are properly weighted to take best advantage between inertiaand centrifugal force, facilitating particularly long spins, and they alsoprovide endless variations of great off-center fidget-manipulation fun!
  • Brand Name: 42Q


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