6200-2RS ZrO2/Si3n4 Full Ceramic Bearing PTFE based Grease


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6200-2RS ZrO2/Si3n4 PTFE based Grease Bearing
10mm x 30mm x9mm/Metric

6200-2RS ZrO2/Si3n4 Bearing, the inner diameter is 10mm, outer diameter is 30mm and the width is 9mm, this is a popular size that could be used in many applications, Bearing is made of Ceramic.The ball bearing grease is recognized as "standard" throughout the world. Exceptionally good low noise profile and long life grease usable over wide temperature ranges.

  • Item: 6200-2RS ZrO2/Si3n4
  • Type: Full Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Balls: Si3n4 (Silicon Nitride) Ceramic
  • Inner/outer races: ZrO2 (Zirconium Oxide) Ceramic
  • Wide Temperature Range: -50~150
  • Dimensions: 10mm x 30mm x9mm/Metric
  • Lubrication: PTFE based Grease
  • ID (inner diameter)/Bore: 10mm
  • OD (outer diameter): 30mm
  • Width/Height/thickness: 9mm
  • Size: 10mm x 30mm x9mm/Metric
  • Quantity: One Bearing
  • Wide Temperature Range: -50~150 C (-58~302 F)