40mm Caster Wheel 55 pounds Swivel Polypropylene Vintage Stem

Wheel Diameter= 40mm
Load Capacity=55 lb
Mounting Type=
Mounting= Swivel
Tire= Polypropylene
40mm Caster Wheel 55 pounds Swivel Polypropylene
  • Item Name= VXB20040BPP2R
  • Wheel Diameter= 40mm
  • Stem Size= 11mm x 22mm
  • Overall Height= 38mm
  • Overall Height Inch= 1.496"
  • Wheel Core= Polypropylene
  • Tire= Polypropylene
  • Mounting= Swivel
  • Load Capacity= 55 lb
  • Temperature Range= -40 to 180 F

  • Utilizing VXB20040BPP2R makes it feasible to pull and push items instead of transport And rolling on wheel that has 40mm diameter/1.575" inch. The thickness of the wheel is 40mm or 1.575" inch. Overall height of the wheel caster is 38mm = 1.496" inch. This wheel caster can be mounted using a with the dimensions of 38mm x 38mm and holes distance of 129mm x 74mm. Low drag was achieved by a Polypropylene core on a Polypropylene tire spinning freely with a Roller bearing. Maximum load calpacity that should not be exceeded on each wheel, remember to add safety factor, when calculating the load capacity 55 lb with a Swivel type. The caster temperature range = -40 to 180 F. Very important notice, you need to buy the VXB20040BPP2R in order to get one :).