4" Inch Medium Duty Caster Wheel 154 pounds Swivel Rubber Top Plate

SKU: VXB004100RB
Wheel Diameter= 4" Inch" inch=100mm
Load Capacity=154 lb
Mounting Type= Top Plate
Mounting= Swivel
Tire= Rubber
4" Inch Caster Wheel 154 pounds Swivel Rubber Top Plate
  • Item Name= VXB004100RB
  • Medium Duty
  • Wheel Diameter= 100mm
  • Wheel Width= 35mm
  • Wheel Diameter= 4" Inch = 100mm
  • Overall Height= 130mm
  • Overall Height Inch= 5.118"
  • Mounting Type= Top Plate
  • Top Plate Size= 93mm x 62mm
  • Hole distance= 45mm x 72mm
  • Wheel Core= Rubber
  • Tire= Rubber
  • Bearing type= Ball bearing
  • Load Capacity= 154 lb
  • Mounting= Swivel
  • Temperature Range= -40 to 180 F

  • Heavy weight capability and Durability made the wheel casters like the VXB004100RB a must use, get your do it yourself object move around. Diameter size of the caster wheel has a metric standard 100mm which is equal to 3.937" inch with imperial units. The thickness of the wheel is 35mm or 1.378" inch. The caster dimensions heightwise is 130mm/5.118" inch. Top Plate is the method of installing the caster to your equipment, here are the dimensions 93mm x 62mm with the holes distance of 45mm x 72mm. The Ball bearing design will enable the Rubber tire to roll easily with a core made of Rubber. Each caster will carry the load of 154 lb and is Swivel type. The caster temperature range = -40 to 180 F. Very important notice, you need to buy the VXB004100RB in order to get one :).

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