3" Inch Low Profile Low Profile Caster Wheel 1102 pounds Swivel Polyurethane and Iron Top Plate

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SKU: VXB009A7550PU
Wheel Diameter= 3" Inch" inch=75mm
Load Capacity=1102 lb
Mounting Type= Top Plate
Mounting= Swivel
Tire= Polyurethane and Iron
3" Inch Caster Wheel 1102 pounds Swivel Polyurethane and Iron Top Plate
  • Item Name= VXB009A7550PU
  • Low Profile
  • Wheel Diameter= 75mm
  • Wheel Width= 50mm
  • Wheel Diameter= 3" Inch = 75mm
  • Overall Height= 110mm
  • Overall Height Inch= 4.331"
  • Mounting Type= Top Plate
  • Top Plate Size= 100mm x 115mm
  • Hole distance= 75mm x 85mm
  • Wheel Core= Polyurethane and Iron
  • Tire= Polyurethane and Iron
  • Bearing type= Ball bearing
  • Load Capacity= 1102 lb
  • Mounting= Swivel
  • Temperature Range= -40 to 180 F

  • Low cost solution to the heavy weight objects movement, Wheel casters like our VXB009A7550PU are used to roll your machine or equipment back and forth. The wheel diameter is 75mm or 2.953" inch in inches. The thickness of the wheel is 50mm or 1.969" inch. The caster dimensions heightwise is 110mm/4.331" inch. Top Plate is the method of installing the caster to your equipment, here are the dimensions 100mm x 115mm with the holes distance of 75mm x 85mm. The Ball bearing design will enable the Polyurethane and Iron tire to roll easily with a core made of Polyurethane and Iron. Maximum load calpacity that should not be exceeded on each wheel, remember to add safety factor, when calculating the load capacity 1102 lb with a Swivel type. The caster temperature range = -40 to 180 F. Very important notice, you need to buy the VXB009A7550PU in order to get one :).