2mm Round Urethane Drive BELT Top Width 1/16" Thickness 0.078" Length 1 Foot

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Type: Round Urethane Drive BELT
Color: Green
Size: 2mm Round Urethane Drive BELT
Quantity: One Foot
Type: Transmission Belt Material: Urethane Model
Length: foot Color: Green (As shown)
Diameter: 0.078" ( 2mm ) 1/16"
How to use The method of jointing the ends of the belt:
Step1: To be heated with an alcohol lamp until it is hot enough to melt the end of the belting.
Step2: Join the ends together until they cool.
Step3: Trim off the extra material around the joint until the joint is the same diameter as the belt.
-High tensile strength, tensile strength
-Abrasion resistance, impact resistance, anti-oil, water
-Chemical resistance, plasticizer-free
-Wide temperature range, less extensible
-Easy to weld, easy installation, long life
Package Content:1Pc x 1foot Urethane Transmission Belt
  • Brand: Rubber Belts Online
  • Type:6mm Round
  • Top Width: 2mm
  • Thickness: 1/16" inch
  • Outside Length: by foot